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The Bodhi Tree

Many years ago, I learned about the Bodhi tree, and the symbolism resonated with me deeply. The Buddha (sometimes called “the enlightened one”) lived 2,500 years ago. Born a prince, he abandoned luxury when he became aware of the suffering of life. For six years he lived a life of poverty, and nearly died of hunger. Yet, he could not resolve human misery. Then he sat under a fig tree. He remained there for 49 days. When he stood, he thanked the tree for giving him shade, and it was then that he achieved enlightenment. The tree became known as the Bodhi tree – the “tree of enlightenment”.

Also called “the tree of awakening”, the Bodhi tree represents life, sorrow, and desire. The tree is seen as a metaphor for the journey to enlightenment, and its leaves are heart shaped. As the seed of the Bodhi tree matures and flourishes, so should the heart.

This is my goal: to be a steady support for clients on their journeys so they continue to flourish, thrive, and grow.

- Julie

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